Top 5 Destinations off the Beaten Path

Saad Ahmad lone
3 min readApr 9, 2021


The year 2020 has certainly been a roller coaster ride for everyone, especially the travel enthusiasts who can absolutely not keep their free spirits restrained from visiting around.

Today, you don’t have to take a complete world tour to experience great adventures. But can specifically choose few tourist destinations around the world. It’s the time of the year we’re finally out of the long lockdown and can stretch out our legs in some best places in the world.

If you’re looking for Top 5 tourist destinations off the beaten path to add to your bucket list, then continue reading and take notes.

1. Christmas Island, Australia

A true paradise on earth that is surrounded by water from four sides. The presence of 50 million red crabs and other eco-friendly species gives an amazing spectacle to the place. The crystal-clear blue water has hundreds of mesmerizing fishes to see and eat for any time meal.

Whether you decide to have a walk in the sand or wet your feet in the chilled water, taking a trip to Christmas Island, Australia, is surely worth the money. It offers some of the in-depth long drop-offs in the water with exploring so many different types and nature of Carbs. An underwater dive into Christmas island water will surely give you feel heaven feels on earth.

2. Iceland

All the hype about Iceland’s wonderful surroundings is completely genuine. Not only is it naturally beautiful, but it also gives the best water-see-through experience. It’s famous for the northern lights, especially in the winters, springs, and chilled seasons.

The mystical beauty of Iceland is also perfect for skating on the snow-covered lands and playing all interesting winter sports in shivering cold. Iceland has a huge part covered with a crystal-clear blue lagoon where you can relax for hours under the calm sky.

You can also visit waterfalls and treat your eye with appealing greenery and clear water. Nights in Iceland can persuade anyone to visit the soothing valleys where the sky is the limit.

3. Alaska

Alaska is the ideal go-to place for those who can bear minus temperatures and still manage to enjoy. Its fascinating glaciers and day to night trips are the best part of visiting this paradise.

From the amazing wildlife views to delightful valleys covered with snow, Alaska has been the favorite tourist destination for years. It’s the ideal vacation spot to get aside from the chaos of your work and spend some splendid time with loved ones.

You can use both cruises in the lovely boats on Alaska rivers and enjoy the mesmerizing sceneries before sunrise and after sunset in Alaska. The entire state of Alaska has more than 10,000 glaciers that not only keep the country cold but also accentuate its spectacular beauty.

4. Serbia

Serbia is undoubtedly the heart of Australia, with beautifully displaying European architecture on the buildings and walls. You can’t expect a fancy or luxurious life here but can always consider comfort and relaxation in the soothing valleys of Serbia.

People all over the world come to Serbia for a number of reasons. This can be for doing amazing Skiing in the summers, visit the historical fortresses, climb the highest mountain, etc.

Serbia has approximately 35,000 skiers every year to catch the best memories in Serbia and its breathtaking scenery. However, the snow only lasts from November to May in Serbia, so try visiting if you plan to ski there.

5. Iran:

Iran always tops the list for the most comfortable traveling experience one can look forward to. Its vintage architecture, Iranian cuisine, ancient museums, amazing culture make Iran famous for everything a travel enthusiast wants.

Every tribe in Iran represents a different story and offers a warm welcome to the visitors. No matter which season you choose to travel to Iran, its favorable weather throughout the year will give you the best travel experience.

You can also look forward to shopping in Iranian markets as their handicrafts, and Iranian patterned textiles are unique all over the world.


From admiring these eye-soothing places on Instagram posts to actually witnessing the mesmerizing beauty from your own eyes, it is worth it. Every person needs to have a break from the hectic daily chaos he suffers from.